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Hydrogeochemistry and water quality assessment of irrigation waters from 3 major olive grove areas in Greece. 12th International Conference on Protection and Restoration of the Environment

Spatio-temporal variability of nutrients in irrigation waters and its contribution on fertilization of olive groves in Crete Island, Greece. GeoEnv 10th Conference on geostatistics for environmental applications

Nutrients, trace elements and water deficit in Greek soils cultivated with olive trees. International Conference of Biogeochemical processes at Air-Soil-Water interfaces and Environmental Protection.

Abstract- olive leaf gall midge populations

Poster at the 15th Congress of Entomology on 10/23/2013 at Kavala entitled “The outbreak of the olive leaf gall midge populations and the importance of natural enemies in their control”.


Article entitled "Determination of environmental footprint for sustainable agro-ecosystems: the case of Mediterranean olive grove" in issue ’97 of the journal of AMPHIBIAN by E.K.B.Y.

Article_Newspaper SHMERINH

Article entitled “SAGE10 in Messinia” in the newspaper «SHMERINH» on 03/14/2014 .

Newsletter_Weed Science Society of Greece

Αrticle in the biannual Newsletter of the Weed Science Society of Greece entitled "Study of the environmental footprint of olive culture - SAGE10”, Issue 2: February 2014, p.9.

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