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  • A full set of proposed Environmental Performance Indicators at the field level.
  • Criteria of significance for scoring the relative influence of each parameter on the relevant impacts, and development of a scientific procedure (IAP) for assessing environmental impacts of all agricultural practices, and their prioritization according to the field, site, location, area etc. The method is to be available as software, as well as on paper, provided with full instructions of use.
  • Validation of the method and demonstration of its cost-efficient applicability on a number of 600 olive parcels with groves in three different areas in Greece.
  • Training material (paper and DVD) and guidance for farmers on environmental impacts and the principles of good agricultural practices related to the most significant aspects for the specific parcel and their efficient management.
  • Verifiable information (included in EMAS statement) and material on environmental performance of the involved olive crops, suitable for the marketing support of olive products.

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