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  • Development of an environmental Impact Assessment Procedure (IAP) regarding olive crop farming, for the justified and objective evaluation of all potential impacts of agricultural practices on environment, as a tool for ISO 14001/ EMAS planning in primary agriculture.
  • Incorporate IAP as the core process of an advisory system aiming to propose to farmers’ groups the most efficient use of their resources, with the objective to achieve long term sustainability of the agro-ecosystem
  • IAP validation and implementation on a pilot scale at three regions of Southern Greece by trained advisor-agronomists.
  • Use of quantitative data, obtained by the IAP, to ensure lessening of negative impacts and environmental improvement, with regard to the use of natural resources (energy, water, soil, biodiversity) and reduction of pollutants (chemicals, CO2).
  • IAP standardization and its proposal as a voluntary guide in the implementation of ISO 14001 and EMAS in the primary production of olives and oil.
  • Proposal of IAP principles for the adaptive use on a broader level, such as for olive farming in other countries or for other significant Greek crops

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